Compilacion Tesis: Enero - Febrero 2020 (Compilacion Americana de Tesis nº 24)

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  2. Poverty and politics in Mexico City, 1824-1854
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Polyvariant Program Specialisation with Property-based Abstraction. Multivariant Assertion-based Guidance in Abstract Interpretation. Antonio Faonio , Daniele Venturi. Antonio Faonio. Information-flow Control for Database-backed Applications. Ganty, Pierre , Valero, Pedro. Regular Expression Search on Compressed Text. Klemen, N. Stulova , P. Lopez-Garcia , J. Dario Fiore , Elena Pagnin. Advances in Cryptology: Proc. Translating Code Comments to Procedure Specifications. On the Security Notions for Homomorphic Signatures.

Analyzing the User Interface of Android Apps. Arianna Blasi, Alessandra Gorla.


What did Really Change with the new Release of the App?. Chen Chen, Daniele E. Federated Byzantine quorum systems. Gregory Chockler, Alexey Gotsman. Multi-Shot Distributed Transaction Commit. Safe privatization in transactional memory. Paxos consensus, deconstructed and abstracted. Compositional verification of compiler optimisations on relaxed memory. Symbolic Proofs for Lattice-Based Cryptography.

Almost Sure Productivity. Knock Knock, Who's There?


Membership Inference on Aggregate Location Data. Tomsic, Alejandro Z. Verification of Immediate Observation Population Protocols. Sound up-to techniques and Complete abstract domains. Parikh Image of Pushdown Automata. Detecting behavior anomalies in graphical user interfaces. Paolo Calciati, Alessandra Gorla. A Preliminary Study. Oliver Kennedy, D. Small Data. Snap: Cost-Efficient Testing in the Cloud.

Filter design for delay-based anonymous communications. Concurrent Data Structures Linked in Time. Alexey Gotsman , Sebastian Burckhardt. Consistency models with global operation sequencing and their composition. Algebraic laws for weak consistency.

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Proving linearizability using partial orders. Verified Translation Validation of Static Analyses. Proving uniformity and independence by self-composition and coupling. Pedro R. Is Your Software on Dope? Relational cost analysis. Coupling proofs are probabilistic product programs. Security Analysis of Cache Replacement Polices. Yevgeniy Dodis, Dario Fiore. Unilaterally-Authenticated Key Exchange. Zero-knowledge contingent payments revisited: Attacks and payments for services. Verified Translation-Validation of Static Analyses.

Computer-aided verification in mechanism design. Automatic Generation of Oracles for Exceptional Behaviors. Lopez-Garcia , U. Klemen, J. Gallagher , M. Specification and Complexity of Collaborative Text Editing. Analysing Snapshot Isolation. A Generic Logic for Proving Linearizability. Giovanni Bernardi , Alexey Gotsman. Robustness against Consistency Models with Atomic Visibility.

Torben Amtoft, Anindya Banerjee.

Schmidt, Mohammad Nikouei. Relational Logic with Framing and Hypotheses. Proving Differential Privacy via Probabilistic Couplings. Advanced Probabilistic Couplings for Differential Privacy. Differentially Private Bayesian Programming. Gilles Barthe , Pedro R. Facets of Software Doping. Verifying Constant-Time Implementations. A Program Logic for Union Bounds. Synthesizing Probabilistic Invariants via Doob's Decomposition.

Poverty and politics in Mexico City, 1824-1854

Smarticipation: intelligent personal guidance of human behavior utilizing anticipatory models. Multi-Key Homomorphic Authenticators. Dario Fiore , Anca Nitulescu. Nearly Optimal Verifiable Data Streaming. Xueliang Li, John P.

Artículos en Congresos con Revisión Estricta

Michael Emmi , Constantin Enea. Symbolic Abstract Data Type Inference. Verification Techniques for Hybrid Systems.

Model Checking Population Protocols. Pierre Ganty , Damir Valput. Bounded-oscillation Pushdown Automata. Formal proofs of transcendence for e and pi as an application of multivariate and symmetric polynomials.

Publicaciones - Instituto IMDEA Software

Dependent types and multi-monadic effects in F. Completeness in Approximate Transduction. An abstract memory functor for verified C static analyzers. A Certified Compiler for Verifiable Computing. Ayudante: Identifying Undesired Variable Interactions. Mechanized Verification of Fine-grained Concurrent Programs.