My Spanish Reader Simple Sentences: Level One - First Steps

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Reading books you've already read really helps. I've just started reading Harry Potter in Spanish. Even though I have only reached level 6 of Spanish, I can understand most of the sentences. Another book I recommend is el principito. I had to read it for an assignment when I was learning French, but then the French book 'le petit prince'. It is a really funny and strange story that is pretty easy to follow while it still teaches you a lot of new words. The site also has the book in many other languages so you can easily check whether you really understand what is happening.

Anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He wrote a lot of great short stories, as well as several famous novels. I wouldn't regard Marquez as suitable for those new to reading novels. He's difficult enough in translation.

I love him, and he's a favorite writer. But would be terrible for a beginning reader. As a sample, here's the beginning of Years of Solitude:. Muchos años después, frente al pelotón de fusilamiento, el coronel Aureliano Buendía había de recordar aquella tarde remota en que su padre lo llevó a conocer el hielo. El mundo era tan reciente, que muchas cosas carecían de nombre, y para mencionarlas había que señalarías con el dedo. Todos los años, por el mes de marzo, una familia de gitanos desarrapados plantaba su carpa cerca de la aldea, y con un grande alboroto de pitos y timbales daban a conocer los nuevos inventos.

If you use kindle, you can download the free sample of the Spanish version of your favorite kindle books. I figure when I am fluent enough to get through the 20 page sample I may purchase, but in the meantime it's 20 or so pages of Spanish from a story I know. If you are a young person--or a non-young person who likes young adult fiction--then that would probably be a good direction to head, maybe the next book in a series you like, or whatever the kids are reading these days.

I went to my library's children section, where the Spanish books were located. It turns out, that if you look at the title on the spine of the book, you will find many titles written in both English and Spanish.

If you look inside those books, you will find a sizable percentage in my library about one-third of them have the Spanish paragraph on the upper part of the page, and English in the lower part of the page. Or vice versa.

Hola, me llamo Nick y soy de los Estados Unidos. Vivo en España y soy profesor de inglés. Tengo veintiséis años. Tengo una mujer que se llama Ana y un perro pequeño cuyo nombre es Joey. Llevo 8 años estudiando español, y tengo un masters en la linguística española. Me gusta estudiar español porque siempre me han gustado las lenguas y las palabras y poder hablar con otro grupo de gente es algo que puede ser muy gratificante y beneficioso. I live in Spain and am an English teacher. I have a wife named Ana and a little dog whose name is Joey.

I like studying Spanish because I have always like languages and words, and being able to speak with another group of people is something that can be very rewarding and beneficial. Introducing yourself is a very important part of taking your first steps to speaking Spanish. If you want to take your language to the next level, you need to practice speaking it. The aforementioned phrases, tips, etc.

Spanish Sentence Structure: A Beginner's Guide

So, now that you have a nice little base to start, get out there and find someone to talk to. A Quick Shortcut to Spanish Tenses. How to Make Small Talk in Spanish. How to Describe Yourself in Spanish. Once again, you can download a copy of the MP3 by clicking the button below. You'll also get so many other awesome freebies when you do!

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Writing practice How would you introduce yourself in Spanish? Try writing a self-introduction in the comments section below! Anastasia is a Chicago, Illinois native. Get them to work in groups of four and give them enough time with another group before socializing them as a class. Ask questions about their names, origin, and age. Then, divide the class into two big teams. Team A has the cutouts and Team B is expected to give a brief physical description.

Alternatively, divide the class into two teams. Students in team A are supposed to describe students in team B. Then, ask them to swap roles. Congratulate them for their 6. Look at the picture and write what they are doing. To prepare students for this exercise, ask them: What are you doing now? You are teaching.

Then, ask a question about classmates that are doing something encourage some volunteers to mimic these action verbs for the rest of the class to guess them, while you write them on the board in big letters. Get them to work in pairs and allow enough time for them to complete the task. Ask them to compare answers with another pair of students before socializing answers as a class. What am I doing? Ask them to choose a particular action verb or you give them the actions and, without saying it out loud, stand in front of the class and mimic or act out the corresponding action.

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Martha andTina the Internet. Sandra and Paula at some photos on the phone. Jenny with a friend. Kathy her homework. Martha is 1. Pablo and Carlos are brothers. Tom weighs 32 kg. Word Bank tall curly thin short chubby Word Bank look surf do chat sit Remember a. Tina: I like Carlos. Martha: Really? I prefer Pablo.

Tina: They are handsome. Pablo: Yes, she is. I love his class. They with a ball. He on the phone. He the newspaper. He to school.

3.5 Vocabulary

They on the Internet. She a bike. They dinner. Use the Simple Present tense to write sentences according to the pictures.

Challenge yourself with Clozemaster

Use do or does to ask questions. On Saturday mornings… a. Peter watchesTV and video games. Andreza the dog but she video games. Andreza and Peter. Andreza andTom TV. Tom , but he. Peter andTom video games but they the dog. Word Bank have cook play ride go surf work talk read 8. Complete the sentences according to the chart.